I am fading...


The Handsome one...The tips of my ears are going grey my paws are milk chocolate and my nose looks like an old cat. This seems to be something to do with the warm climate. Siamese points (the tips) are darker in cold climates. When I was In Wales I was king of cats. Everybody thought I was a show cat. But now. The indignity. The only upside is no one knows me and the locals have never heard of Siamese cats. So Peri and I are the best looking cats on the island. Well Peri is the second best looking. So where are we? Another island in the West Indies. They all blend into one but I have heard the owners say this one has better weather. Apparently some nasty swirling winds can get up your fur and it is not nice. The winds all have names. If the wind got up my jacksey I could not print the name I would give them! We have been on some walks but they are more for the benefit of the owners than us. When will they get we that can't wear shoes and our paws are delicate on the hot concrete. Once in a while they go early in the morning if one of the owners has finished her obsesive running. Cool on the paws.

The good news is the rumbling monster under the kitchen has been quiet for a while. They have been giving it lots of care and attention, cleaning, new liquid and more love than it deserves. They keep referring to it as the mighty Yanmar. If I had my way that would be a good name for the first big wind but unfortunately they begin with the letter “A” so let's hope I don't get my wish. If we get to “Y” my fur might be beyond redemption. 

Lamb…..One of the good things of being in a posh boat park is you get a better class of people. Call me snobby if you like but the chances of some tasty left overs is always a possibility. And so it was this morning. One of the boats Amelie with the "Ham and Egg" flag lives up to its name. Not only do they have ham and egg for breakfast but they have 3 course gourmet dinners cooked by their chef. I'm sure he thinks he owns the boat but boats that size always have crew. One of the crew who always has a beer in his hand tipped us off that there was lamb on the menu. Well bring it on. I even tolerated Peri for a while while we waited for it to be cut up. My fur is positively shining right now.