An uncomfortable day

PeriPeri What a traumatic day we’ve had!

We’d only just finished breakfast when the owners put us in our travel box and then put us in a trolley contraption to wheel us down past the other boats and along a bumpy track to a car. The man driving said he had some friends who had cats that lived in their house and he was surprised how clean the house was (what’s he saying?). His friends fed their cats every morning (what’s strange about that?) and even talked to them which he thought was unusual.(what’s his problem?)  Thornton and I exchanged worried looks and kept quiet. Then we arrived at a place that smelt of other cats and dogs and we ended up on a black table, as usual, to be inspected.

Thornton and I had discussed tactics on the journey and I’d volunteered to go first.  A dark lady stroked me and I thought I’d be ok. She felt me all over and tickled me a bit but I didn’t mind. Then she shoved something up my bottom and carried on talking to my owners.  I couldn’t believe that they hadn’t seen her do this and just froze, hoping they’d do something. After a while, the black lady removed the thing from my bottom, much to my relief, but then she stuck a needle in my leg. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse she used a big stick to shove a pill down my throat. I was gagging by this time and just wanted to get back in my carrier but she made me drink some water, force fed again, before I was allowed to go.

When I got into my carrier I collapsed at Thornton’s feet. (I didn’t need to, but thought it would be a laugh.) Thornton tried to make himself even smaller and cowered at the back of the carrier but the owners dragged him out. His fur was all fluffed up and he was very sweaty. I’ve never seen him shed so much fur. The table was covered and one of the owners had put on a black t-shirt that soon turned white. I winced when the lady shoved the thing up his bottom and I saw his back claws dig in. I felt a bit guilty then for teasing him.

Once his ordeal was over we were taken back to the car and trolleyed back to our home.  We were both worn out and slept for the rest of the day. My leg hurts a lot now where the lady put the needle in. My favourite owner noticed me limping and has been lifting me everywhere to save me having to use my muscles. 

I think they do care about us, despite subjecting us to that ordeal.