still chillin'


My favourite owner hasn’t been very well recently.  She had an accident and had a big bandage on her face. She couldn’t talk for a few days and wanted to sleep quite a lot. I was very worried and kept a close eye on her but she didn’t like me pawing at the bandage. She’s looking better now so I must’ve helped.


Our owners have got some friends that come over to see us quite a bit. Thornton is besotted with Debbie and just throws himself at her. She then has to tickle his tummy. It’s very undignified and I’ve told him not to be so desperate but he won’t listen. Stephen’s more of a challenge. I cosy up to him and rest my chin on his hand but he doesn’t get the hint. I even look up at him lovingly but he’s having none of it. I don’t know how he can resist me as I know how silky my fur is and if he just stroked me once he’d be smitten. He goes upstairs sometimes and chews on something that’s on fire. There’s lots of smoke and the owners have put a bowl up there for him to put the bits in when he’s finished. I think he enjoys doing this but I don’t see the point. 


Thornton and I went for a walk the other day looking for our owner. Debbie spotted us on the pontoon and shooed us back to our boat. Thornton put me up to it but he didn’t get into trouble which is typical. If I’d been on my own I’d have had a right dressing down!