A girl named Maria

Well I haven't blogged much lately but I have not been too well. My right eye has been playing up and our owners have been faffing about using creams from their cat medical kit. It just isn't getting better and now I have the ignominy of leaving drippy marks on pillows and sheets from the watery discharge. I have made hints that it is troubling me and finally the owners summoned help. I was bundled into the cat basket and whisked off to the Grenadian Society for the protection of Animals. We were taken there by a funny man all dressed up in yellow. He had a yellow taxi as well. I wasn't surprised to hear my owners call him by his name "Yellow". If that was my name I'd change it. Anyway we waited in the Vets for a while. I always hate this part because there is always a dog running around trying to look cute. If I could get out of the cat basket I'd show him who is cute!

Well we finally went into the clinic and I was met by a wonderful girl called Maria. What a dame. She quickly spotted the problem and gave me some antibiotic eye drops. I even excused her putting a thermometer up my nether regions. That was two days ago and now my eye is so much better. So what else have I been up to. Well in Grenada the most popular pastime is "Liming" This involves spending a lot of time doing nothing. I approve of this and have become quite an expert. Peri on the other hand has become an escape artist. He has been off the boat several times without his leash. He needs to chill and discover Liming.

Thornton (Boss Cat)