Happy cat

Peri   16/11

I’m happy again!  Trauma over and I’m back with our owners.  

I knew something was up when they started putting things into some bags. I sat ontop of hers hoping she’d take the hint but Thornton and I went for a ride in our basket and the owners left us with a woman we’d never seen before.  She was very nice and talked to us, she even brushed us every day but I missed my favourite owner.  Thornton played with the woman and was a right teacher’s pet but I was having none of it. I wasn’t sulking, I just missed the usual cuddles. Just when I’d given up hope of ever seeing them again I heard her familiar voice and we were bundled into a taxi. There was lots of excited chatter and kisses blown to us. I recognised the walk to our home and once we were on it we were let out and I’ve never been so happy. I purred and purred and purred and my owner smelt so lovely.  I heard them say that they thought I’d lost weight and need fattening up. I won’t complain about that. They’d bought us some new toys but I just wanted to be cuddled.

Last night was the best sleep ever!