ARC Day 6 Rain and the ARK

This is Peri and Thornton the ship’s cats here. 

OK we now get it. Our captors/owners started going to a shed in N.Wales 3 years ago and continued to go there every Saturday for 2 years. We had no idea what they were doing but parcels started to arrive at the house from Mailspeedmarine, Force 4, MarineSuperstore and ebay activity was significantly up. With that clue and the numerous boat magazines littering the house we guessed they were building a boat. But why? And then it hit us. North Wales is very rainy and this ARC thing was really code for the second ARK. This was confirmed when we learned it was all being coordinated by the “Bishop” or Andrew to his friends. Unlike the first ARK this was going to be a collection of small boats each taking two animals. As two cats we knew we were on Sephina. As we made our way to the meeting up of the other ARK boats we realized they were all different. Luckily there was one big enough to take the two elephants but we were concerned that they didn’t seem to have one for the giraffes but perhaps they had to lie down. It also seems that everyone wanted to take the monkeys as we saw a chap called “Jerry” testing out the climbing frames. Luckily he didn’t choose ours. As we left we saw the two cockroaches board but we are not saying on which boat just yet!

Peri and Thornton (At Sea) 

Early November 2013

Peri We’ve been at this place for some time now and there’s plenty to look at from where we are. Lots of big boats going past and some little blow up boats with just one person. This morning one of the owners was putting together lots of pieces of coloured things they called ‘flags’ and I thought it was a good game so dived into the pile at his feet. He shouted at me, so it wasn’t a game after all. Later on he strung them all up in the air out of my reach. I'm not sure if he wants me to go after them or not but they're too high for me.

We’ve got a nice new mat in the bedroom which is very soft and spongey. It’s right by their bathroom and gets quite wet when they come out after they've covered themselves in water, but I don’t mind, it’s so comfortable.

Yesterday, the other owner was putting things away in her wardrobe and I managed to climb in to have a good look around. It 's quite deep and has some secret shelves at the back to climb on. Then the door closed and everything went dark. It was good fun to start with and I thought she was being playful. After a while I realised that they hadn’t noticed I was missing, so I started to crash about and miaow as loud as I could. I heard them calling me and eventually she opened the door and I fell out onto the floor. Very undignified but I was so pleased to see her and she gave me lots of cuddles. Thornton didn't help when they were looking for me. I won't forget that!


There have been people coming to visit and spend time chatting to the owners who put out bits of food for them. Last night some of these people brought some biscuits for me and Thornton and they made a fuss of us. They were Thornton's favourite biscuit and he went crazy this morning when the owners opened the pack. I know his weak point now!!

Other Cats

Peri 20/9

We’ve been in a very nice port for a few days but no sign of a walk yet. We’ve had plenty of deck time so have been able to have a nosey at the neighbours. There are some very strange cats on land. They’re all white and seem to just roam about on their own, no sign of any owners. That may be why we can’t go on land. Maybe they’re savages or full of diseases. I don’t fancy a fight and definitely don’t fancy any horrible disease. I had a good look at one and his eyes were different colours, one was blue and the other one yellow. Weird!  I wonder if they see things differently out of each eye?


Our owners got dressed up and went off somewhere leaving Trevor in charge of us. I did think about hiding but Trevor seems ok. I don’t think he really ‘got’ us to start with. For the first couple of days he looked at us as if we were going to pounce on him and scratch his eyes out. He must’ve had a very bad experience with cats so I feel sorry for him.  We’re not all bad so I’m trying to show him how nice we can be. I woke him up the other night playing with his flip flops but he didn’t shout at me so I left him my frog in his flip flops to say thank you. I think he may be warming to us now. Thornton slept at the bottom of his bed which I thought was going a bit too far, but he got a way with it, so I gave it a go and really stretched out. I don’t think he minded too much.

One Owner Leaves...

Peri It's been a funny few weeks. Not a lot of movement but my favourite owner disappeared for  a few days and the other one who usually does all the things upstairs had to look after us. We ended up getting at least 2 breakfasts and  plenty of play time.  When the owner came back she commented on how I looked much better and she's going to keep up the extra meals as she prefers me a bit fatter.   Cheek!

We've been sunbathing on deck a lot as well as it's been really hot.  The seats are now soft and cushiony and it's a lot more comfortable when rolling about up there.  They've also put some big pillows up there so it's like a big den. I still like to hide in the laundry bag if it's around though. It gives the owners a bit of a panic when they can't see me.

Strange things happen when we go downstairs sometimes as they put on a machine that makes a noise and after a while it feels cold, like being in a fridge. I've worked out where the cold air comes in but it's too cold to sit right up against it so I just sit within wafting distance.

Thornton We have been far and to places I know not. But the good news is the wobbling has become much easier to bear, firstly because you get used to it and secondly because it has gone on for a shorter time. The longest recently was two nights so not too bad. We had a whole 3 weeks with our house parked in a quite place and our owners went out most days on top of the two wheel machines. The temperature is very pleasant. I'm not sure about these walks the owners get excited about. I do my best to humour them but I have taken to sitting down more often. They soon give up the dragging and we get to walk back to the moving house. I think they have plans for more of them but I have a plan also. In this park there are lots of other moving houses and everybody seems to be getting ready for something. I wonder what it is. Must be fun, as why else would they busy themselves. I need to try and understand this "ARC" word that seems to be all over the place. I hope there is space for Peri and me as if it is the one I am thinking about there is only space for two of a kind. Paws crossed.



September 2013

Thornton OK you need to look at the photo on the right. Lets get real here. The best thing to do while the beast is making it's noise is go to sleep. Peri however often decides that a bit of posing is required. He often adopts various poses to try an attract one of the owners attention. There is often lots of cooing and sympathetic noises that usually results in him being given a cuddle and taken to the owners bed for a sleep. I don't know how he has the nerve to be so brazen about it but I would never stoop that low. I often wonder if he really is Siamese?


Peri Since my fur trauma I’ve had an exciting time in one marina pretending to be a lion and I was stalking Thornton in some bushes. I didn’t catch him but I had good fun.


We’ve been on the move a lot and Thornton’s quite happy to curl up on his cushion and go to sleep but I like to know what’s going on. My owner comes downstairs ever now and then for a snooze with me and that’s a treat then when she goes back upstairs I go and pester Thornton or play with my frog for a bit. Our food has included some very smelly fish covered in oil and I'm hoping they'll do my fur good and even speed the growth to cover my patchy legs after the fly trap episode  The only downside is stinky breath.

First thing this morning was the usual ritual of pinch punch and lots of fighting. I don't understand why they do this all the time.

Peri The last few days have been busy and constant movement. Thornton’s so boring. He gets up, has breakfast, goes to the litter and then sleeps until we get wherever we’re going.

I like to know what’s going on and check out the owners’ movements. Every now and then she comes down to have a cuddle with me and that’s such a treat, Thornton doesn’t know what he’s missing out on.

Fortunately they brought my nail clippers with them and boy did my claws need a trim as they were tapping on the floor boards when I walked. Now I can walk silently and Thornton doesn’t know when I’m about to pounce on him. Result!!


Thornton Boy do I feel sick. This wobbling my house for days on end is not conducive to comfortable living. Sometimes the house wobbles on its own and sometimes the noisy beast seems to wobble it. I hid under the table for two days and then tried to eat some biscuits, they didn't stay down long. Early one morning the wobbling stopped and everyone went to sleep. I don't understand these humans I was mighty thankful and was ready to do something. I had to wait for hours before we were released onto the wobbly walkways that lead to our moving house. The ignominy of being tethered to my owners is difficult to bear but I was able to trot along and get some of the new smells. We went to a meeting place for humans and they sat down while we were allowed to sniff about. Soon we were off back to the moving house and we had a great treat. The owner of another moving house near by wanted to come and stroke me. I purred, preened, and generally made myself adorable. It was obvious that she was a true cat lover, you can see it in the eyes. A good deed for the day and I felt good.

Peri Why do things always happen to me? I went to bed last night and cuddled up to whichever owner was sleeping as the other one was up stairs looking out for boats. In the morning there was a lot of screaming and the bedding and pillow cases were covered in black oil and I had oil on my back and tummy. There was a lot of discussing where the oil had come from and I think they decided that it wasn’t my fault. They tried to wash the smudges off my back but I still look spotty and they got the scissors to my tummy fur again so I have a patch missing. I’m hoping that my harness will cover the spots on my back when I go out for a walk.


Thornton was sick on the journey so I cuddled up to try and make him feel better and licked behind his ear a lot. I think he likes that. When we arrived at this new place we went up to the marina cafe and saw a dog that was smaller than us! I wonder if they’re all like that over here?