Peri 26/6

PeriSo we’ve been in this same place for a few weeks now and it’s very nice as we can sit upstairs and spy on the neighbours. There’s also a road with cars and big lorries in the distance across some water and they like to beep their horns here so that’s fun as well.

Our home is tied up to a big concrete path and our owners have taken us for a few walks up to some grass and bushes. I could smell some other cats up there so was a bit wary incase we got pounced on.  Thornton did his usual trotting along but I found it a bit hot and just wanted to sit down. My owner was not impressed with me.  We get brushed when we get home and it’s delicious.  Thornton goes into a frenzy and looks so uncool. 

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and they put on some music and sang to me.  Apparently I’m 10 now. Whatever that means. They told Thornton to be nice to me for the day (he wasn’t). Then a few days later it was Thornton’s turn. They sang to him and I had to be nice to him. I really don’t understand what it’s all about.

We’ve had a few people come to say hello and sit upstairs having drinks and nibbles with the owners. They sometimes get a bit noisy but I don’t mind so long as I get some attention.

My favourite owner has started doing odd things on the water. She gets a long board out, puts it on the water then stands on it and uses a big stick to move along. She disappears into the distance behind other boats and then comes back and she’s still dry. I don’t understand why she doesn’t get wet or fall over as it gets very windy sometimes.Anyway, she seems to enjoy it.

They’ve been doing lots of jobs on the boat and she’s been cleaning like crazy. When she makes the bed I like to jump up and hide under the top sheet.  We have a bit of a fight and I kick my back legs and pretend to scratch and bite while she makes a growling noise at me.  We carry on like that for a while and then when I’m tired, or she gets fed up, I go to my room at the front for a snooze.

I think I’m in trouble but don’t really understand why. I jumped onto the concrete next to our home to have a look around and they went ballistic with me!  I’ve no idea what their problem is but I won’t do it again in a hurry.


Thornton. We are moving again...


We have been on the move quite a lot recently. That rumbling noise from under the kitchen worktop seems to signal a departure. The noise increases and the rolling starts. Then it all goes silent but the rolling gets worse. We never know how long it will go on for but when the rumbling starts again it usually means the rolling is going to stop and we have arrived somewhere. We must be moving to different countries as we have been poked and prodded by those Vet humans. One even came on to the boat to check us out. We are always on best behaviour at these times as we don’t want to go back to that white room. Last week I heard the owners say we were in Grenada. I am surprised as no one came to look at us. It seems that they don’t care about cats. We are told rabies is rife here so we might hide if the owners want to take us for a walk.


What just happened!

Peri Wowwwwww !! What just happened? Thornton and I hadn’t seen land for weeks and were starting to think that maybe everywhere had sunk. There was a lot of activity from the owners and I tried sitting on the table with all the controls to see if I could work out what was going on. There was always someone in bed to snuggle up to which in itself was a bit weird but they took to sleeping in turn so I wasn’t complaining.

I managed to perfect my walk as the boat rolled about and I kept my belly low. The owners laughed at me which was a bit cruel but I got the last laugh as they got covered in bruises from falling over and crashing into things.

Thornton became even more of a show off and developed some awesome muscles in his back legs. He looked like he was doing everything in slow motion and had that stupid smirk on his face.

We’re in a very hot place now and have been for walks along the big pontoon. Some of the people on the big boats here have stopped what they’ve been doing and come over to stroke us. Maybe they’ve never seen cats here. Another result for us!!

We’ve also had a few admirers calling especially to meet us as they’d read our blog and wanted to say hello. We’ve actually become quite famous now.

The food here is a bit weird. Some of the stuff they put down for us is bright red with yellow chewy bits. We refused to have any of it to start with but then when we got hungry and tried it we found out that it’s quite nice really.

The owners behaviour is still a bit erratic and I think they were affected by the long journey. Every now and then one of them runs along the boat and jumps into the water. They then splash about with some floating things and throw a ball to each other. There’s a lot of laughing so I think they are enjoying themselves. Thornton doesn’t seem overly worried but I’m still a bit concerned for them all.

Last week they decorated where we sit and put out some things that lit up and flashed and then they put out a red cloth on the table and cooked something that smelt familiar. It tasted yummy when they gave us some of the meat from this huge thing that came out of the oven. They also gave things to each other that they had covered in red paper. That was my favourite bit of the day as I got to rip it up on the floor.


It all seemed familiar, but not so familiar. I couldn’t quite put my paw on what it was.


Peri  It’s been so long since I checked in with everyone but I’ve been through quite a lot of trauma and even thought my life had come to an end at one point. One of the owners went missing for a long time and then the other one disappeared as well leaving us in a horrible room where we sat for days and days wondering what we’d done wrong. Thornton and I decided to put our differences behind us and tried a bit of bonding. It was hell. No cuddles, no familiar smells, no one even talked to us and they treated us like we were dumb animals. It was horrendous!.  Just when I was about to give up all hope I heard familiar voices and we were whisked away back to our beloved home with all our familiar smells and lots and lots and lots of cuddles. My purr box nearly exploded and I forgave them instantly. Thornton and I couldn’t work our why all this had happened but we were just so relieved to be back. The owners must’ve felt sorry for us as they gave us a new scratching box and a new mouse that smelt of my favourite catnip. Life was now back on track.


ARC Day 10 - Interrupted Cat Naps

It’s been an odd week since we set off from land and the owners are behaving very strangely.  

They’ve developed some odd routines and rituals.  When I go to bed, my favorite owner is there to cuddle me and we have a lovely snooze for a few hours and then suddenly bells start ringing and she shoots out of bed, gets dressed and puts on a big vest/jacket. I ignored this for the first couple of nights but then I thought I’d follow her to see where she was going.  She went upstairs into the dark and then sat there alone with a flask of coffee. She was reading her book thing but I don’t understand why she had to go upstairs in the dark to do this.  She does this every night and then after a few hours she comes back down and goes to bed again. I don’t get it. 

Matt has started to act strangely as well.  He keeps putting his vest/jacket on and going to the back of the boat with a pole and piece of line with something dangling on the end of it. He then throws this thing into the water and watches it. I don’t see the fun in this but he keeps popping upstairs to look at it and seems fascinated for some reason.

And one day there was a lot of shouting and everyone ran upstairs to watch Matt pulling something out of the water.  It was a fish as big as me. Matt was very excited and then got really cross with the fish and hit it over the head a few times with a hammer. I think he was cross because the fish had tried to eat the thing he likes to watch in the water.

It’s only been a week and they’re all behaving quite erratically.  I’ve spoken to Thornton to voice my concerns and will continue to monitor the situation and keep notes. I think maybe they’ve been sitting upstairs in the sun for too long.  I’m very fond of them all so would hate for anything to happen to them, but I’m also aware that I need to keep an eye on them as they provide our food and see to our needs. Without them we’re in trouble as we have no idea where our home is moving to.

Peri (The cute one)