Big Trauma

Peri I'm traumatised! Last night I was on the kitchen worktop (I know I'm not allowed) when my tail brushed against a horrible sticky thing that my owners have put out to catch flies. I ran around as quickly as I could but couldn't shake it off. They were shouting and chasing me and I thought I was really in trouble but they were just trying to help. They pinned me on the bed and ripped it off. Ouch! Then they tried to wash the goo off with some foul smelling stuff. No good. I spent the night licking and pulling my fur. In the middle of the night I coughed up a fur ball and I've never done that before. I take pride in my coat and people always say how silky I am. I'm not happy. My tongue is very tired this morning and my owners attacked me with some scissors and a razor. I'm not being funny but there are some areas I like to keep private.

Thornton Yawn, more Peri attention seeking going on. When will the owners wake up to his tricks. Jobs seem to have stopped so my guess is the dreaded noisy beast will be on tomorrow and we will be rocking and rolling and I don't mean to the music. Time to catch a nap for then next 24 hours...

Snoop and Sox from North Wales are following Peri's blog so hi to them. Peri needs to remember despite the contact we are only very very distant cousins. And I am sure their owner is responsible for that infernal noisy thing that our owner seems to drool over and certainly pays more attention to it than us.


Peri Hi Snoop and Sox and thanks for the email. At last I've found some friends that understand what I'm going through! Thornton's been quite horrible and smirking at me. I still feel uncomfortable and am keeping my bum firmly on deck so any passing admirers can't see that my fur is shorter on one leg than the other


Thornton Not again.. That motor started at 7am and then the world started to move again. Another day to sleep while the owners fuss about looking at sea maps and engage in some sort of ritual of spotting boats. Had a good stand off with Peri this afternoon but let him get the best spot in the end. As he can't climb the stairs I some times escape to the top of them and just look at him... No walk again today.


Whoopee, we’re in port, the sun’s out, there’s a lovely breeze and we had tuna as a treat last night when we arrived. We’ve been on deck quite a lot and people keep making funny noises when they see us. Not sure what they’re saying but they’re smiling so I guess they like us. We had some other people onboard for a while last night. I’ve seen them before from another place we went to but I don’t know how they got here as well, it’s all very confusing. Thornton's getting right up my nose. He keeps jumping up onto shelves that I can't reach and then just sits there smirking at me.


Thornton Well I ask you, no lie in this morning. The owners sprang out of bed, admittedly cleaned the litter but breakfast was a rushed affair. That dreaded motor went on and no one did anything for an hour. No walk, scant breakfast and no time for playing. The world went up and down for hours and sleep was the only solution. Peri and I found a nice hemp rope to curl around and that did us for the noisy hours. We seem to have stopped moving again but who knows what tomorrow brings. If this goes on I might seriously consider making a protest. The good news is there are lots of flies. Keeps us both amused pretending to catch them.


A Very Good Boy

Peri The weather is warm and sunny now and I enjoy snoozing most of the time. The litter has changed colour and is now blue and smells of flowers. I guess the cats here like it that way, it’s a bit poncey by my standards but we don’t get a say in the matter. I managed to go on the litter this morning when we were moving all over the place and balancing was quite tricky. When I got off I was told I was a ‘very good boy’. I didn't know she was watching me, how embarrassing!  Still, I have her wrapped around my little claw and I bet I get some ham later when things settle down.

Peri and Thornton

Peri Hi, this is our section of the website, what ever that is. It is our turn to have our say. We are two Siamese cats and live an on Oyster 406. It is our new home after 9 years on land. There are good and bad things and things that make us very confused but we take it all in our stride. My name is Peri and I am the boss. My side kick is Thornton who thinks he is a bit too special to be living with me but I bring him down to reality as often as I can. Well so far this is what has happened.

Thornton Sorry for the delay but we are trying to get to grips with this internet thing. Peri is computer illiterate so I have to sort out the access when our owners are away and boy are they away a lot. How come Apple haven't worked out that cats paws are bigger than the keys. Luckily I am a thorough bred cat and know how to use my pads to press the keys. Well, it's  day 28 of our captivity on this yacht and we are just learning how to live and survive. Escape seems pointless so we'll have to make the most of it. As I write I can see poor cats on the breakwater trying to eek out a living by begging from locals. I guess we are privileged.