Happy cat

Peri   16/11

I’m happy again!  Trauma over and I’m back with our owners.  

I knew something was up when they started putting things into some bags. I sat ontop of hers hoping she’d take the hint but Thornton and I went for a ride in our basket and the owners left us with a woman we’d never seen before.  She was very nice and talked to us, she even brushed us every day but I missed my favourite owner.  Thornton played with the woman and was a right teacher’s pet but I was having none of it. I wasn’t sulking, I just missed the usual cuddles. Just when I’d given up hope of ever seeing them again I heard her familiar voice and we were bundled into a taxi. There was lots of excited chatter and kisses blown to us. I recognised the walk to our home and once we were on it we were let out and I’ve never been so happy. I purred and purred and purred and my owner smelt so lovely.  I heard them say that they thought I’d lost weight and need fattening up. I won’t complain about that. They’d bought us some new toys but I just wanted to be cuddled.

Last night was the best sleep ever!

A girl named Maria

Well I haven't blogged much lately but I have not been too well. My right eye has been playing up and our owners have been faffing about using creams from their cat medical kit. It just isn't getting better and now I have the ignominy of leaving drippy marks on pillows and sheets from the watery discharge. I have made hints that it is troubling me and finally the owners summoned help. I was bundled into the cat basket and whisked off to the Grenadian Society for the protection of Animals. We were taken there by a funny man all dressed up in yellow. He had a yellow taxi as well. I wasn't surprised to hear my owners call him by his name "Yellow". If that was my name I'd change it. Anyway we waited in the Vets for a while. I always hate this part because there is always a dog running around trying to look cute. If I could get out of the cat basket I'd show him who is cute!

Well we finally went into the clinic and I was met by a wonderful girl called Maria. What a dame. She quickly spotted the problem and gave me some antibiotic eye drops. I even excused her putting a thermometer up my nether regions. That was two days ago and now my eye is so much better. So what else have I been up to. Well in Grenada the most popular pastime is "Liming" This involves spending a lot of time doing nothing. I approve of this and have become quite an expert. Peri on the other hand has become an escape artist. He has been off the boat several times without his leash. He needs to chill and discover Liming.

Thornton (Boss Cat)

An uncomfortable day

PeriPeri What a traumatic day we’ve had!

We’d only just finished breakfast when the owners put us in our travel box and then put us in a trolley contraption to wheel us down past the other boats and along a bumpy track to a car. The man driving said he had some friends who had cats that lived in their house and he was surprised how clean the house was (what’s he saying?). His friends fed their cats every morning (what’s strange about that?) and even talked to them which he thought was unusual.(what’s his problem?)  Thornton and I exchanged worried looks and kept quiet. Then we arrived at a place that smelt of other cats and dogs and we ended up on a black table, as usual, to be inspected.

Thornton and I had discussed tactics on the journey and I’d volunteered to go first.  A dark lady stroked me and I thought I’d be ok. She felt me all over and tickled me a bit but I didn’t mind. Then she shoved something up my bottom and carried on talking to my owners.  I couldn’t believe that they hadn’t seen her do this and just froze, hoping they’d do something. After a while, the black lady removed the thing from my bottom, much to my relief, but then she stuck a needle in my leg. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse she used a big stick to shove a pill down my throat. I was gagging by this time and just wanted to get back in my carrier but she made me drink some water, force fed again, before I was allowed to go.

When I got into my carrier I collapsed at Thornton’s feet. (I didn’t need to, but thought it would be a laugh.) Thornton tried to make himself even smaller and cowered at the back of the carrier but the owners dragged him out. His fur was all fluffed up and he was very sweaty. I’ve never seen him shed so much fur. The table was covered and one of the owners had put on a black t-shirt that soon turned white. I winced when the lady shoved the thing up his bottom and I saw his back claws dig in. I felt a bit guilty then for teasing him.

Once his ordeal was over we were taken back to the car and trolleyed back to our home.  We were both worn out and slept for the rest of the day. My leg hurts a lot now where the lady put the needle in. My favourite owner noticed me limping and has been lifting me everywhere to save me having to use my muscles. 

I think they do care about us, despite subjecting us to that ordeal.

still chillin'


My favourite owner hasn’t been very well recently.  She had an accident and had a big bandage on her face. She couldn’t talk for a few days and wanted to sleep quite a lot. I was very worried and kept a close eye on her but she didn’t like me pawing at the bandage. She’s looking better now so I must’ve helped.


Our owners have got some friends that come over to see us quite a bit. Thornton is besotted with Debbie and just throws himself at her. She then has to tickle his tummy. It’s very undignified and I’ve told him not to be so desperate but he won’t listen. Stephen’s more of a challenge. I cosy up to him and rest my chin on his hand but he doesn’t get the hint. I even look up at him lovingly but he’s having none of it. I don’t know how he can resist me as I know how silky my fur is and if he just stroked me once he’d be smitten. He goes upstairs sometimes and chews on something that’s on fire. There’s lots of smoke and the owners have put a bowl up there for him to put the bits in when he’s finished. I think he enjoys doing this but I don’t see the point. 


Thornton and I went for a walk the other day looking for our owner. Debbie spotted us on the pontoon and shooed us back to our boat. Thornton put me up to it but he didn’t get into trouble which is typical. If I’d been on my own I’d have had a right dressing down!

I am fading...


The Handsome one...The tips of my ears are going grey my paws are milk chocolate and my nose looks like an old cat. This seems to be something to do with the warm climate. Siamese points (the tips) are darker in cold climates. When I was In Wales I was king of cats. Everybody thought I was a show cat. But now. The indignity. The only upside is no one knows me and the locals have never heard of Siamese cats. So Peri and I are the best looking cats on the island. Well Peri is the second best looking. So where are we? Another island in the West Indies. They all blend into one but I have heard the owners say this one has better weather. Apparently some nasty swirling winds can get up your fur and it is not nice. The winds all have names. If the wind got up my jacksey I could not print the name I would give them! We have been on some walks but they are more for the benefit of the owners than us. When will they get we that can't wear shoes and our paws are delicate on the hot concrete. Once in a while they go early in the morning if one of the owners has finished her obsesive running. Cool on the paws.

The good news is the rumbling monster under the kitchen has been quiet for a while. They have been giving it lots of care and attention, cleaning, new liquid and more love than it deserves. They keep referring to it as the mighty Yanmar. If I had my way that would be a good name for the first big wind but unfortunately they begin with the letter “A” so let's hope I don't get my wish. If we get to “Y” my fur might be beyond redemption. 

Lamb…..One of the good things of being in a posh boat park is you get a better class of people. Call me snobby if you like but the chances of some tasty left overs is always a possibility. And so it was this morning. One of the boats Amelie with the "Ham and Egg" flag lives up to its name. Not only do they have ham and egg for breakfast but they have 3 course gourmet dinners cooked by their chef. I'm sure he thinks he owns the boat but boats that size always have crew. One of the crew who always has a beer in his hand tipped us off that there was lamb on the menu. Well bring it on. I even tolerated Peri for a while while we waited for it to be cut up. My fur is positively shining right now.