Quarterly update

I'm not as 'regular' with news/updates as my husband but then I don't get the exciting jobs, mostly cleaning, so I've lapsed into quarterly updates.  I'm not on any specific project at the moment but seem to be flitting about wherever I can without getting in the way of the real workers. I'm good at cleaning the kitchen in the boat shed and making cups of tea, providing I can find the teacups that seem to vanish! I've just started cleaning the white bits on deck and what I've done looks really good but I've had to abandon this as the teak deck is now being corked. I've also started to clean the saloon window frames in preparation for them being refitted. They've just been refurbished and I had the fun of unwrapping them last weekend which put me in the mood for Christmas.  No more Prada for me! If I can't use it on the boat, then I don't need it.     (Did I really just say that??????????????)