Feb report

It seems ages since I updated Pink and Fluffy. I've had flu, then a cold, my youngest has gone off to Cowes to pursue her dream of a nautical career and I've sold my Mum's house. Quite a busy time, so that's my list of excuses for not updating the website.

I've helped Clive put the helm back on, which involved me holding the wheel for him while he fiddled around for a while. I've continued cleaning the cockpit area and the back lockers, hoovered in the 'lazarette' again (get me!) and helped dismantle a toilet. It's not the most exciting list of jobs but I seem to be on autopilot on a Saturday morning and the time just flies by.

Sephina is taking shape and each week there seems to be another piece in the jigsaw that will result in her being not only restored to her former glory but improved beyond our initial dreams. I'm still hyper-critical and protective about the state of the bilges and I tend to go off on one if I find any bits of plastic or rubbish has been dropped in them. Just as well that the real workers aren't around at the weekends.  Barry did make an appearance this Saturday but I don't see much of him now that Tom Cunliffe's around, I think we're no longer his favourites!!!!! and yes Barry, I'm hurt!