May’s news

It’s May already and our boat will actually be in the water next week. It seems strange driving to the marina and working on Sephina in fresh air but I’m not sorry to say goodbye to the boatshed. We’ve been busy over the last few weeks emptying everything out of the shed and our garage at home is rammed full of boat parts. There’s even an overspill into the back garden (and the kitchen!)  I’ve always wanted an island unit in our kitchen but this consists of a huge cardboard box containing the life raft. The kitchen table is covered in various flags, poles and other boat bits and there are numerous ropes trailing down the patio wall. Lovely! Last Saturday my youngest daughter gave me a lesson on stripping down and servicing the winches. Great fun and a real sense of achievement putting them back together again. She was very proud of the before and after ‘purr’ that they made when turned. (I just agreed). We were called away to help load the mast onto the lorry/crane for its journey from the boatshed to the marina. The driver was very cool and extremely skilled using the crane. He lifted 60’ of metal over someone’s car to hoist it onto his lorry without batting an eyelid. My daughter and I managed to get a ride in the cab over to the marina and that was the best part of the day. You forget how high you are in the cab until you come to jump out. It seems a long time ago that my Saturdays were spent cleaning the bilges and painting them. My jobs now are much more pleasant, like filling the cupboards with plates, cutlery and essentials. I made my first cup of tea on board, then Clive and I sat on deck feeling very pleased with ourselves.