Last 12 days on land


What an absolute crazy time it's been. Getting my head around being a Granny is just a blast. Poor daughter has had a rough time and had to spend nearly a week in the hospital during an unbelievable heat wave. I've been going to the house and storage and on one visit I went to Morrison's to get a washing up bowl,a flannel, some Ben and Jerry's ice cream and a pack of ice cubes. She immediately put a cold flannel round her neck and her swollen feet on the ice, sighing with relief. Luke is gorgeous and extremely cuddly. I sold my KAA and we then went down to a one car family.  Living on the boat has been fine and the cats have been having a walk on their harnesses most mornings. They have adjusted well to life on the boat. I think they're happy just being with us and not having any neighbourhood cats threatening their space. I've got plenty of toys to keep them entertained.

Boatwise, there's been a lot of last minute work going on. The magnificently restored table finally arrived and it's just a piece of art. Delivered and put in place by Barry and Paul of TLC. Paul has done a fantastic job inlaying the Oyster logo onto both leaves and the top.Having decided that this was far too grand a table to have damaged in any way we asked Steve from The Boatyard to make us a cover. They were super quick measuring up and coming up with a cover in the same material as the rest of the upholstery. Hi spec that allows visibility on the top to see the logo. The final main job was to rewire the deck lights. Carl turned up and he and Clive worked until after 9pm one night. We've made some good friends during the refit and I'll miss their cheery faces and helpful attitude.

During the final week we had visits from friends to see what we've been doing on the boat and yo say their goodbyes.

On the day before we set sail I drove the Jeep to Prestatyn and handed over the keys to the local garage that had bought it. I had a final look around Prestatyn, the town that had been home for most of my life, a final hair cut and then got the train back to Deganwy. Having no car keys is a first.

On our final day we were due to leave at 12.45. Carl had returned to solve a problem with the deck lights and was working right until the last minute, bless him. Friends and family started to drift over and inspect the boat. Clive's brother was able to help Carl out, not what he expected I'm sure , but we were grateful for his help. When daughter arrived the tears started to flow. We hugged and tried to do the stiff upper lip but it wasn't going to happen. Even Clive went a bit misty (though he'll deny it).  It's hard to go just when we have a new grandson but there will always be something to delay our exit and maybe going now before I become too attached to Luke is the best thing.  I know that my daughter is in good hands as Dave is a modern, hands-on Dad and the three of them will be a good team together. Also, his Mum is baby crazy and will totally make up for this absent Granny. She's absolutely lovely but knowing how I would be as well, maybe having just one around is enough for them to cope with.  Anyway, back to the departure. One minute I was cuddling Luke and then suddenly I was shouted to get onboard as the ropes were being slipped and we were off. As quick as that.  I felt like some intrepid explorer as we sailed past the hotel wall, waved and cheered on by friends and onlookers.