Week one at sea

It’s now been a week since we left and it’s been such fun.

We had a couple of nights in Holyhead waiting for our friend Jon to catchup in Kikka. Then we did a reasonable crossing over to Ireland landing in Arklow. Clive had been before on one of the lads trips and said there weren’t any shops but thankfully a whole new shopping centre had been built since then. Bliss!

We got chatting to really friendly guy called Lorcan (Irish for Laurence) and he came back to give us 2 t-shirts.

Leaving there we went to Kilmore Quays. They have the best chandlers I’ve ever been to and I could spend a whole day in there. Guess who was there?? Lorcan. Small world. When Clive and I got back to the pontoon we couldn’t get the code to work to get onto the pontoon. Guess who was there and came to our rescue?? Lorcan.

The harbour master told us that we wouldn’t be leaving the next day as the weather was too bad so I was all set for a day of jobs. I was just getting my running shoes on to go exploring when the plans changed and we were leaving. Not a good idea to rush departure and we won’t be doing that again.

I can’t say I enjoyed the long, sicky trip we did yesterday but we weren’t really prepared for the horrendous journey.

It's been a tough time leaving our daughter and new grandson and I'm trying to keep in touch as much as possible but I can't help worry that I'm not there to fuss and be Mother Goose with her. I've always been close to both daughters and I specialise in fussing hence the nick name, Mother Goose.

I’m settling in nicely to this life at sea. I’m accepting that you can’t make plans as everything depends on the weather but I really don’t care. After being such a control freak with planning out every minutiae of my life there’s something strangely liberating to have no plans and not know what day it is. The sun goes up and the sun goes down.  What more do I need from life.