Biscay blues

We left Kinsale on Sunday 11/8 and it was a bit wobbly to start off with. The tea and ginger biscuits in the morning managed to stay down but I made cheese/tomato on soda bread for lunch and things went downhill from there. Not because of my sandwich making, but the sea was wobbly and everyone felt it. I went downstairs to settle the cats and that wasn’t a good move as when I went back on deck I ended up feeding the fish. Sorry to be so graphic but sailing is a brutal game.


On my first night watch (12-4am) I had to wake Clive up as Phil and I couldn’t work out a set of white lights, what they were, what distance they were from us or what direction they were travelling. It turned out to be a trawler but even Clive had trouble working it out as it didn’t have any navigation lights on.

On my second night watch (12-4am) I had to wake Clive again as Ray saw a set of lights doing strange things and being unpredictable. It was a bit scary when we speeded up and then they speeded up as well, heading in our direction. It was probably coincidental but was a worry at the time.

On my next night watch with Ray we were surrounded by 7 boats at one point, and we were boxed in.. I was becoming the curse of the watch!!!


The pleasant side of Biscay included the phosphorescence in the sea at night, the starry night skies, the dolphins and the Minky and Fin whales, (my pictures of them are just sea). All of these have been amazing in themselves.

Also, we passed Kika late one afternoon mid Biscay when it was flat calm and they were playing saxophone and singing ‘I want to go home‘ to us.  Bless!

The down side? The sea was rough, choppy and rolly.

The motor cutting out just as land was in sight was a bit of a disappointment as the showers were beckoning, but we anchored in a lovely spot and opened a bottle of champagne as it was Phil’s birthday.



How are the cats?

Day one they were not happy chappies to start with and didn’t eat or drink or leave their beds. By Monday things were looking a bit better and they managing to walk a bit. Peri started eating but Thornton still wasn’t interested.  Peri even came on deck and sat on my lap for a bit as we headed into a calm Biscay. (He’s definately the adventurous one)

When they finally found their sea legs they were walking about with very wide steps, John Wayne style.


This is supposedly the worst sailing we will encounter in our trip around the world and it’s been a good shake down for us. We’re now in the marina and have booked in here for a week. We’ve already been up to the old town for lunch and have booked a nice restaurant tonight to thank the crew. We’ve taken the cats to the marina bar  and they’ve had a good sniff around and impressed the other yachties with their dog-like walking skills.



I feel very spoilt as this in itself would be a great holiday and very memorable but this isn’t a holiday, this is now our life!