Porto Santo

We set off early on Wed 11th Sep to Porto Santo and are lucky to have an extra pair of hands in Kevin who saw our advert for crew for the trip. He lives local to Lagos and has plenty of long distance sailing. We split the night passages into 2 hour solo watches and I did 10pm -12 and then 4-6am. It was beautiful. The sky was bright with millions of stars and underneath the sea was black and just to make it more magical it was phosphoresent, so as our boat cut through the water it was lit up by hundreds of tiny lights that sparkled and then just disappeared. It was as if we lit up the sea with fairy lights as we sailed along.


I was queasy as usual on day one but Peri went one better and was sick on Clive’s life jacket when he left it on the floor to have a nap! Not the way to treat the captain, I’ll have to have stern words with him.

Porto Santo didn’t do much for us when we first arrived and we couldn’t understand what everyone raved about so we hired a taxi and did a tour of the island. The old guy that took us grew up on the island and was full of stories about what it was like when he was a child and how hard he had it, walking for one and a half hours up the hill every day to let the cattle out and then going back at night etc etc and he was only 8 years old then. He gave us a good history of the place and I can tell that in 10 years time it will be ruined by all the hotels and apartments that are going to be built. I guess we’re lucky to see it now and we certainly warmed to it following the tour. We’ve finally had some rain, the first since we left our house in Prestatyn and even then it had been dry for a few weeks. The only difference here is that it's still warm and once the shower has gone the sun is out blazing again.