Leaving Tenerife

The final week in Tenerife was great fun as the staff in the bars and cafes that we went to knew us very well and had our drinks lined up before we’d even sat down. They were amused by our attempts at Spanish and patiently corrected us on pronunciation. Santa Cruz is a lovely town and we were lucky to be in such an unspoiled area. A cycle ride into the centre of Santa Cruz and a 10 min walk in the other direction to the best beach on the island.




We were sorry to leave but the time came when we could put it off no longer. We said our farewells and did our best to explain that we were going around the world. (I think they understood.)


We had a pleasant, calm motor over to Las Palmas and were relieved to arrive as this was a significant milestone for us and the next time we move we will be leaving to cross the Atlantic.

Unfortunately, we were met by Mr Grumpy who obviously didn’t like working on Saturday afternoon and took it out on us.  Clive had a good row with him as he said we couldn’t have a side berth. We’d been promised one in an email so we stood our ground and refused to move off the visitors’ pontoon until his boss arrived the next day to sort it out.  Surprise! Surprise! His boss was extremely apologetic in the morning and we ended up with one of the best berths in the marina!

We’ve now got 5 weeks to prepare the boat and explore the delights of Las Palmas. We’ve already joined the marina’s club which has a roof top swimming pool overlooking the marina, a bar, restaurant, lounge area, etc etc. This afternoon we’re going on a bus tour of the town to see the best areas that we can cycle to in the coming weeks.

We're lucky to have some friends coming out to las Palmas when we leave (probably to make sure that we go), and the numbers seem to be increasing daily. At this rate there'll be more people waving us off from Las Palmas than we had in Deganwy!

Also, we’ve got our youngest daughter Steph and her FIANCE Matt joining us in a few weeks for the crossing (and beyond, I think).  They’ve just had a leisurely cruise aboard some huge liner in the med and Matt popped the question on their first night. She’s been on cloud 9 ever since and talk of planning a wedding has been the hot topic. I’ve tried to tell her that once we’ve gone through the Panama Canal we’d find it almost impossible to fly back for a wedding, so I think that’s going to be taken into consideration. I have suggested a Caribbean wedding but that was a ‘no’. We’ll have plenty to talk about for the 3 weeks that we’re sailing across the Atlantic!