Family reunion Caribbean style

Our eldest daughter has been and gone!

The week went so quickly for us but we managed to cram quite a lot in to the time that they were here, including a trip to the rainforest. That was just amazing and I’m so glad we all did it taking a gondola ride above and amongst that tall trees Obviously it rained, but that’s the whole point.  This picture shows Dave having a bit of trouble with his poncho which seemed to have a lit of its own.

Little Luke was such fun and so well behaved. He seemed to be inquisitive with everything around him and certainly knows how to charm the ladies.  It got embarrassing after a while as everyone seemed to be drawn to him, but then he is gorgeous. We took him to the Spice of India restaurant in Rodney Bay for Sunday lunch and he had his first taste of curry, courtesy of Pirate Granny. His face was a picture and he just wanted more. He wasn’t overly impressed with the beach (which was a shame as we were all happy with the cocktails in the bar), but he loved the swimming pool back at the house and enjoyed a thorough dunking by his Dad before Mum got in on the action.

Our youngest daughter and her fiancé have just gone back to the UK after spending just over 2 months with us and the boat seems very quiet now they’ve gone. The support that they both provided to us on the Atlantic crossing was invaluable and we were so grateful to have them along.  But apart from that it’s been lovely having the opportunity to spend quality time with them both as they’ve been working abroad for the last 2 years and the time that we’ve all managed to get together has been fairly scant. They’ve been good company and hopefully they’ve had a good holiday out here.

Meanwhile, we’re still exploring the area and chilling out with the locals and, now that we're alone again, we can get up to date with our website.

"Here are couple of photos of Luke saying 'hello" to Thornton and Peri aboard Sephina. Isn't he a treasure!