Easter Regatta Bequia

Easter Regatta Bequia

We hired one of the taxi drivers, Budzy, to take us on a tour of the island, covering every single road on Bequia within about 2 hours. He took us to the turtle sanctuary where we saw all sizes of an endangered species and I even go to hold a cute little one. The eggs are collected from the nearby islands and then when hatched and old enough to survive the turtles are taken back to the same spot for release. So cute!

We went to a boat building workshop where the craftsmen make detailed model replicas of yachts. In the Whale Museum there is one of the original open boats that they used to go out to sea in and a range of the harpoons and equipment used to catch and kill the whales. Bequia is one of the few islands left that is allowed to catch up to 4 whales every year but there hasn’t been a catch so far this year and whaling season is nearly over. 


Luckily for us we were there for the Bequai Easter Regatta and managed to watch some of the races from either a hilltop viewpoint or from the shore.  The little wooden double ended boats that they raced were launched from the beach and this was great fun to watch.

Just to enter into the spirit of the regatta we put all the dress flags up on Sephina and this was a reminder for us of the ARC preparations in Las Palmas.

Raymond (from Blue Lagoon) was over with his wife Nicky and 2 gorgeous little girls, Shakira and Shriah. They came over to see us (well, more likely the cats) and we went off to watch a race together followed by lunch.

Turtle Farm Bequia

There was a carnival atmosphere in the town and the small car park became a dance floor surrounded by Mount Gay Rum and Hairoun (the local beer) stands. They certainly know how to have a good time and even though there was an abundance of alcohol and familiar smell of drugs, there was no unpleasantness or aggravation. Needless to say, the following day the place was like a ghost town as everyone was recovering.


We had to go to the Immigration Office to have our passports extended. We had initially been granted 1 month stay but needed to extend this until 1st June when we were booked in at Grenada. This process involved plenty of form filling and the purchase of revenue stamps to go in our passports.


We spent a few more relaxing days before deciding we’d like to head back to Blue Lagoon and see everyone there again before the journey south to Grenada.