Journey South

Last Bar! Salt Whistle Bay

We left Blue Lagoon once again and headed over to Bequia.  On the way there I spotted a dinghy flying towards us, actually taking off at one point. The guy was standing up and when he was close enough he produced a huge camera, started blowing a whistle and taking pictures. Then without saying anything he shot off in the opposite direction!

We were met by Phat Shag (topless!) and taken to the mooring we’d had last time we visited. It’s nice to return to somewhere that you already know and where the locals recognise you. We saw Budzy our taxi driver who waved and stopped for a chat.  

We stayed there for 2 nights before heading over to Mayreau which is the smallest inhabited island in the Grenadines. This was our first visit to the island and Salt Whistle Bay is just a stunning, idyllic setting. White sand, clear water and a decent beach bar aptly called The Last Bar Before The Jungle.  The snorkelling was some of the best so far (apart from the turtles) and we saw some amazing fish. We had a couple of beach barbecues there and did some walking to see the town. There’s a road that goes up the hill from Salt Whistle Bay and then down the other side to Saline Beach and the town is somewhere in between, with goats strolling about everywhere. There were a few bars in town and we thought it would be rude not to stop. One problem. No diet coke!  I can’t stand the taste of full fat coke with rum so I got into the habit of carrying a couple of cold cans around with me from the boat.  Disaster averted!  

We got adventurous on our second walk and went off along a track that cut up into the hill and then walked around the deserted windward beach back to the boat. Not a sole in sight, just white sand, palm trees and turquoise water.

Our next stop was Tobago Cays for a couple of nights and more swimming with my favourite turtles. We got more video of them and this time I spotted a stingray hoovering along on the bottom. At one point I had a slight panic as Clive was busy watching the turtles and the stingray took off in his direction. I wasn’t sure if they were dangerous and just watched in horror but fortunately it swam about 2 feet underneath him before diving again and  Clive was blissfully unaware.

Turtle Tobago Cays

We’re now moored off Union Island and have had a couple of days so far trying out the bars and food outlets. Clive surprised me on my birthday and booked us into a hotel on the front for a night of luxury, what a treat. I stood under the shower for as long as I could forgetting about how much water I was using up. We had a fabulous meal sat next to a pool that had a sign. ‘Danger sharks! No swimming’. When we first saw it we thought it was a joke and that they were pretend sharks, until we saw a tail twitch!! 

There are some lovely little shops here and a whole area that’s like Alice in Wonderland. A weaving alley way with a couple of bars and fabulously hand painted t-shirts hanging out.

We asked our mooring man, Tony, to get us a tuna for tea last night and he arrived at 6pm on his boat, showed us the fish and then filleted it for us. We had a sumptuous tea and Clive vacuum packed and froze enough for another 2 meals.

We’re here for a couple more days and have yet to visit the bar on the reef that’s built on a pile of conch shells, so we’ll do that tomorrow. After that we’ll move on to the next place, wherever the wind will take us.

That’s it for me for now and I’ll update when we get to Grenada.

Mayreau Town

Myreau Windward Beach
Mayreau Windward Beach