West Indies cricket

Caribbean Premier LeagueYesterday I sat through a game of cricket that lasted for 2 and a half hours!

I’ve never really understood the rules or seen the fun in a cricket match that goes on for days but this was different.  A 20/20 match, and I really enjoyed it. Guyana were playing Antigua to open the season at Grenada’s National Stadium and play was fast and furious. There was a costume procession around the stadium before the game started and again at half time, including some dancers covered in oil, wearing helmets with horns. Very loud Caribbean music played randomly, cheer leaders on podiums shook pom-poms every time their team scored a run.  There was a dog that kept circling the stadium and even crossed the pitch a few times as the game carried on regardless.  Everyone was jigging along to the music, it was contagious. Even the groundsmen that were repainting the white lines at half time were wriggling their bottoms as they went about their work.  

If cricket was like this back in the UK I'd be hooked!