Carnival craziness

Grenada Queen 2014The whole of Grenada is now in recovery mode after days of dancing, loud music, drinking and general over merriment. There were various events leading up to it all including the Beauty Queen Pageant at the National Stadium.  We turned up there at 6.45pm for a 7pm start and they were still building the stage!  We had the pick of all the seats and sat patiently waiting for the start.  I asked a sleepy woman on the popcorn stand when it would start and she just said “Soon. Be patient”. Some smartly dressed police arrived and the lady in charge shouted up in our direction “English!” so I prodded everyone to stand up. It turned out she was calling a policeman behind us called English.  Eventually it started, just before 9pm. Lots of dancers and then the 7 contestants came on and each gave a short speech about their given topic.  They were well rehearsed and very passionate.  One was about domestic abuse.  They then paraded in their swimming costumes and had the most ridiculously long legs. Then it was the carnival costumes, which were huge and very colourful. When they all got on the stage together there was a bit of jostling and cramped dancing. After that a local singer came on gyrating his hips and thrusting his pelvis, resulting in all the big ladies in the crowd standing up and wiggling their bottoms at him.  He jumped over the security fences and ended up a few rows from us doing unspeakable things to a large lady. The audience loved him. We were shocked.  I bought some fudge from an innocent old lady at a sweet stall and it turned out to be chilli fudge. The sly woman. It was hot!

On another evening we went to watch the Panarama which is the adult steel band competition.  They were brilliant and very talented.

Jab JabThe carnival got into full swing on Monday morning with the Jab-Jab procession. It started during the night and into the early hours. We couldn’t sleep as there was loud music blaring out from 11pm and we got up at 5am to watch them trail past the marina. The men were covered head to toe in black oil and were carrying chains. They were mostly drunk and dancing about wildly. We’d been warned to wear old clothes as they were known to grab people and get oil everywhere. We watched for about 30 minutes, marvelling at a woman in front of us that was effortlessly moving her bottom in impossible directions.  It seemed to be detached from the rest of her body.  There was another procession in the evening which we missed but the following day there was yet another procession. It started about 3pm and went on until 5.30pm. It was so colourful and everyone seemed to be taking part in the dancing and fun.


I went for a run on Wednesday morning after the 2 days of endless partying and the place was like a ghost town. There was oil all over the roads and pavements and oily handprints on buildings, boats, lorries and even the police car.


Next week is Chocolate Week? Any excuse to party.