Learning to cook

EsterI can’t cook to save my life and will do anything to avoid the humiliation of failure so it may surprise you that I’ve become a fan of the weekly cookery classes. We go for the entertainment factor provided by Esther and Omega, the very able and funny duo that host it. I sit there unable to understand half of what they’re talking about and only half listening, to be honest, while my friend Debbie (swot!) gets out her notebook and neatly takes notes on the handouts. After watching them prepare a dish we are treated to one they prepared earlier and all happily tuck in to whatever it is. Last week was flying fish in gravy and this week we had Thai chicken and it looked relatively easy so I made the stupid decision to announce that I'd cook it in a couple of weeks when it’s my turn to do Friday supper. Fortunately the sauce can be done in advance and frozen so that will stop me stressing about it for the next couple of weeks. Another reason I’m a fan of these events is that there’s a lovely little gift shop at that marina and they do a mean rum punch at the bar.