Still in France!

We  were so taken by Martinique that we decided to hang around for a bit longer.  After our first week in Marin we headed north up the coast and anchored off the capital, Fort de France.  A very busy but little town with plenty of Chinese shops selling everything you could possibly want and a lot of stuff that you really don’t want.  Every other shop seemed to be a ‘costume’ shop and as we didn’t spot any nurses or school girls wandering around we assume that this is for the lively club scene.   We were right next to one of the cruise ship docks and we had fun watching them arrive at 9am and then leave at 6pm prompt by which time we were on deck just finishing our sundowners and looking for the green flash as the sun disappeared into the water.  There was a guy at work who used to go on cruises and said he'd look out for our boat in future so if you were in Martinique this week Gwyn, it was us sunbathing under the Welsh flag.

We found an out of town shopping centre alike to an American mall with some upmarket shops and even took a bus ride up into the hills to Jardin de Balata which were almost prehistoric and quite stunning.  We stayed for a week and were just in time to see the first few classic sail boats cross the finish line after sailing from Lanzarote.  Second in was Argyle (Gryf Rees Jones’s boat) so we raced over in our dinghy waving the Welsh flag amongst the press dinghies.

We’re now further up the coast in St.Pierre which used to be the capitol until the entire population of 29,933 was wiped out by the local volcano in 1902.  Actually, 2 survived and one was a murderer in a nice thick concrete prison cell!

Thornton has had a rough month.  We took him to the vet in St.Lucia as I thought he needed a tooth out.  It turned out to be an infection at the back of his mouth.  The vet gave him a shot to knock him out and Clive and I ended up as assistants in the operating room.  Clive holding his head and me shining a torch into his mouth.  There was a lot of blood and when we arrived back at the marina with a blood soaked unconscious cat we got some very strange looks.  He was on strong antibiotics for 2 weeks and made a full recovery but then last week he suddenly couldn’t open one eye and the third eyelid was right across.  I bathed it with warm water and after a few days we took him to the vet here who couldn’t find anything wrong with his eye.  He said he looked a bit dehydrated and gave him a couple of injections, steroid and more antibiotics.  We have to put drops in his eye 3 times a day and I’m making sure he has plenty of water. (I’m not his favourite person at the moment.)

Other than that it’s business as usual. We’re off for a walk later today to another rum distillery and then we plan to leave here in a couple of days, but our plans usually fail for some reason or other.