Pink and Fluffy

Captain's wife here,

I was catching up with one of my friends last week and she mentioned that she'd looked at our website and found it 'a bit technical.' Knowing her as well as I do I know that what she actually meant to say was that it went right over her head and she'll never look at it again!  I'm assuming that the pictures didn't do much for her either as dirty bilges and close-up shots of fibreglass don't really appeal to most women.

So, I've decided to bring a bit of balance to the website by putting my perspective on how things are going, in plain English and no techie jargon. Hence the Pink and Fluffy title. My husband will no doubt despair that I'll lower the tone of the website he's so painstakingly built up but he takes it all far too seriously. I caught him reading a book called 'Fibreglass Boats' in the bath on Sunday and he didn't think that this made him slightly obsessive!

I'm still traumatised by the bruising and pain caused by trying to clean out the secret bilge on Saturday and I'm returning to it again on Saturday armed with baby bottle cleaners, tumbler cleaners and yet more Cilit Bang. To be fair to hubby, he did recognise my delicate emotional state and took me for a very nice champagne lunch on Sunday, so normal service is now resumed.