Cleaning resumes

Well it's been some time since I added any news to the website as I've had some time off and been on holiday.

We've finished cleaning the dinghy and it looks fantastic. My daughter and I have now started on the mast which seems to be a never ending stretch of metal when you have to clean every inch with metal cleaner. It's outside and was completely overgrown with shrubs and weeds so our first job was to use a hedge cutter to fight our way in to it.

I've also done some more cleaning inside the saloon in preparation for the air conditioning and water tank installation.

It feels like we've turned the corner now and any work that we do is constructive and, dare I say, rewarding. I can't wait for the interior to start coming together, including installation of the washing machine etc.

We're also rethinking our choice of material for the upholstery but that seems a long way off yet.