Cleaning resumes

Well it's been some time since I added any news to the website as I've had some time off and been on holiday.

We've finished cleaning the dinghy and it looks fantastic. My daughter and I have now started on the mast which seems to be a never ending stretch of metal when you have to clean every inch with metal cleaner. It's outside and was completely overgrown with shrubs and weeds so our first job was to use a hedge cutter to fight our way in to it.

I've also done some more cleaning inside the saloon in preparation for the air conditioning and water tank installation.

It feels like we've turned the corner now and any work that we do is constructive and, dare I say, rewarding. I can't wait for the interior to start coming together, including installation of the washing machine etc.

We're also rethinking our choice of material for the upholstery but that seems a long way off yet.

Goodbye bilges

I've had  a couple of weeks off working on the boat, (Hubby was away and I wasn't well.)  But now that we're back to work I've finally finished the bilges.  They're all squeaky clean, repainted and I know every nook and cranny under those floorboards.

I've also now moved on to cleaning the dinghy. It was in a very sorry state when I started and I didn't hold out much hope of making it look half decent as it was green in places and the floor was rust coloured but after a couple of Saturdays working on it with my daughter it's starting to look like new. I'll be very proud turning up to a nice sandy beach or posh port in it.  It should just take a couple more sessions to finish this off.


Just had a very exciting week.


28/3/11 Firstly, I bought some hurricane clothes pegs from Aldi and can't wait to try them out in years to come (they'll probably be out of warranty by the time I get to use them but they only cost about 60p so no sweat..) More importantly though, I started to clean out the channels that run between the bilges by using a power hose directed into each hole. It's amazing the amount of rubbish that came out and I found it quite rewarding. When I started cleaning in the bilges all those months ago some of them wouldn't drain because the connecting channels were blocked. The first flow of liquid was dirty, contained plenty of debris and oil but by the end of the day it was crystal clear water. Result!!!!!


Making progress


I'm making good progress with the bilges and should be able to start painting them this weekend. My hubby's just bought a wet vacuum cleaner and it's so useful, I just wish we'd got it sooner. Last week I managed to get a mouthful of engine degreaser after sucking a pipe in an attempt to get a vacuum going to drain the dirtiest bilge. Gross!  I'm watching Edward Scissorhands on TV at the moment and thinking he'd be quite handy to have around.

Pink and Fluffy

Captain's wife here,

I was catching up with one of my friends last week and she mentioned that she'd looked at our website and found it 'a bit technical.' Knowing her as well as I do I know that what she actually meant to say was that it went right over her head and she'll never look at it again!  I'm assuming that the pictures didn't do much for her either as dirty bilges and close-up shots of fibreglass don't really appeal to most women.

So, I've decided to bring a bit of balance to the website by putting my perspective on how things are going, in plain English and no techie jargon. Hence the Pink and Fluffy title. My husband will no doubt despair that I'll lower the tone of the website he's so painstakingly built up but he takes it all far too seriously. I caught him reading a book called 'Fibreglass Boats' in the bath on Sunday and he didn't think that this made him slightly obsessive!

I'm still traumatised by the bruising and pain caused by trying to clean out the secret bilge on Saturday and I'm returning to it again on Saturday armed with baby bottle cleaners, tumbler cleaners and yet more Cilit Bang. To be fair to hubby, he did recognise my delicate emotional state and took me for a very nice champagne lunch on Sunday, so normal service is now resumed.






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