A late posting

I am ashamed! It has been brought to my attention (thank you Sharron) that Pink and Fluffy has not been updated for some time. In fact I haven't updated my page since October. Outrageous!!!!. No excuse really as lots has been going on.

Where to start?

The London Boat Show in January was fun. Clive found yet more gadgets to go onboard and I ordered the plates, cutlery and oven pans which was so much more interesting. I managed to guilt trip Clive into replacing the cooker on board as everything else seems to be new so why should I not get the same treatment in the galley? (The fact that I can't cook is irrelevant as I also purchased a couple of boaty cook books.)

Sephina's been out of the water for the last few months over in Beaumaris so we've had a longer drive at the weekend for all the little odd jobs that have cropped up but I'm sure that they've all been vital and the extra journey will seem worth it when we're out in the Caribbean in the near future and I have the option of using the new posh electric toilet.  Unfortunately, I've gone from being in charge of bilge cleaning duties to merely handing Clive the appropriate spanner, screw driver or such implement. I've even started recognising what he's asking for now and getting it right first time, but I do feel  a bit useless as far as helping out goes.  I've done plenty of hoovering as he's been drilling which is not very exciting so I feel I've been demoted.

We had some horrendous weather which was a pain (literally) when we had to work outside on the deck. Trying to hold tension with a spanner when your fingers are blue/white is not easy.

On the plus side, there's a very nice chandlery there that he keeps sending me to for bits and spares. They're ever so nice at ABC Marine and I'll miss popping in to see them when we leave Beaumaris. I've just had to buy several essential wateproof bags that I'll need for our voyage and as they have a good selection of Roxy it would be rude not to buy anything from that range. Having an account with them makes it all too easy.

Apart from progress with the boat I've had plenty of other preparations to keep me busy. Vaccinations have left me feeling like a pin cushion but I've just got one final rabies jab left and one for Yellow Fever. As Clive hasn't even started his I feel very smug. Even the cats have had their rabies vaccinations and are well on the way to getting their pet passports. Apparently you can put their photos on pet passports which I'm very excited about and may have them taken in their lifejackets.

We've also organised a storage unit in Chester and are busy packing our lives away into boxes for when we go. It's amazing how much rubbish you keep or put in the loft while thinking about what to do with it. My youngest daughter flew back to France yesterday after visiting for a week and her bedroom is completely empty which made me feel quite gloomy for most of the day. Empty nest syndrome to extreme.

Clive has now officially retired and I've got another 3 weeks to go but I'm sure the days will fly as it's all a bit surreal at the moment. I keep wanting someone to pinch me!




Summer Times

The summer's flown by and we've had some fun weekends sailing around Anglesey. On our last trip we took the cats with us. I wasn't sure how they'd get on when their world started bobbing about but they were fine and soon found their sea legs. It was lovely having them on board and funny seeing them sleeping peacefully on a cushion as the boat heeled over.

I take the prospect of going round the world very seriously, especially my role as the ship's medic, so I've just completed 2 courses down at Hamble School of Yachting. I started with their 'Proficiency in Medical First Aid on Board Ship' course and then went on to complete 'Proficiency in Medical Care on Board Ship'. I had a great time , both courses were brilliant and I learnt so much. The tutor, Sue Johnson, is so enthusiastic and manages to make it fun and relevant. It's so long since I did any studying that I did panic a bit about the written exams at the end, but I passed with flying colours. Amongst other things I can now give injections, suture and catheterise, which I hope never to use but if something unfortunate happens en route then I can use my new found 'skills'.  I met some interesting people on the courses, some of which have similar plans to us so our paths may cross again somewhere out there. Hamble is a lovely place and the B&B I stayed in was like a home from home, I can definitely recommend The Farthings.

Feb report

It seems ages since I updated Pink and Fluffy. I've had flu, then a cold, my youngest has gone off to Cowes to pursue her dream of a nautical career and I've sold my Mum's house. Quite a busy time, so that's my list of excuses for not updating the website.

I've helped Clive put the helm back on, which involved me holding the wheel for him while he fiddled around for a while. I've continued cleaning the cockpit area and the back lockers, hoovered in the 'lazarette' again (get me!) and helped dismantle a toilet. It's not the most exciting list of jobs but I seem to be on autopilot on a Saturday morning and the time just flies by.

Sephina is taking shape and each week there seems to be another piece in the jigsaw that will result in her being not only restored to her former glory but improved beyond our initial dreams. I'm still hyper-critical and protective about the state of the bilges and I tend to go off on one if I find any bits of plastic or rubbish has been dropped in them. Just as well that the real workers aren't around at the weekends.  Barry did make an appearance this Saturday but I don't see much of him now that Tom Cunliffe's around, I think we're no longer his favourites!!!!! and yes Barry, I'm hurt!

May’s news

It’s May already and our boat will actually be in the water next week. It seems strange driving to the marina and working on Sephina in fresh air but I’m not sorry to say goodbye to the boatshed. We’ve been busy over the last few weeks emptying everything out of the shed and our garage at home is rammed full of boat parts. There’s even an overspill into the back garden (and the kitchen!)  I’ve always wanted an island unit in our kitchen but this consists of a huge cardboard box containing the life raft. The kitchen table is covered in various flags, poles and other boat bits and there are numerous ropes trailing down the patio wall. Lovely! Last Saturday my youngest daughter gave me a lesson on stripping down and servicing the winches. Great fun and a real sense of achievement putting them back together again. She was very proud of the before and after ‘purr’ that they made when turned. (I just agreed). We were called away to help load the mast onto the lorry/crane for its journey from the boatshed to the marina. The driver was very cool and extremely skilled using the crane. He lifted 60’ of metal over someone’s car to hoist it onto his lorry without batting an eyelid. My daughter and I managed to get a ride in the cab over to the marina and that was the best part of the day. You forget how high you are in the cab until you come to jump out. It seems a long time ago that my Saturdays were spent cleaning the bilges and painting them. My jobs now are much more pleasant, like filling the cupboards with plates, cutlery and essentials. I made my first cup of tea on board, then Clive and I sat on deck feeling very pleased with ourselves.

Quarterly update

I'm not as 'regular' with news/updates as my husband but then I don't get the exciting jobs, mostly cleaning, so I've lapsed into quarterly updates.  I'm not on any specific project at the moment but seem to be flitting about wherever I can without getting in the way of the real workers. I'm good at cleaning the kitchen in the boat shed and making cups of tea, providing I can find the teacups that seem to vanish! I've just started cleaning the white bits on deck and what I've done looks really good but I've had to abandon this as the teak deck is now being corked. I've also started to clean the saloon window frames in preparation for them being refitted. They've just been refurbished and I had the fun of unwrapping them last weekend which put me in the mood for Christmas.  No more Prada for me! If I can't use it on the boat, then I don't need it.     (Did I really just say that??????????????)