Wot no pictures!

Week 49. I don't know why but probably because I have been doing so much I just haven't had the time! I took leave from work on Friday and so have done three straight days on Sephina. I wish I could report lots of jobs finished but that is not the case. It has been days of supporting activity to the main event to ensure progress on all the main tasks. With a trip to the boat show next week end and a week mountain biking in France afterwards we will miss two full weekends on the boat. I am hopeful that when I get back lots of things will be finished, in progress or started and I can tick more off the list. I have also started to think of the entertainment system and domestic IT. Well I did say think so nothing to report yet! Scary that my next report will be week 52. A whole year of refitting Sephina. Maybe it will be a week of celebrating lots of new progress. I hope.