Teak Teak and more Teak

Week 56. I have developed lots of skills over the year but some jobs are just too difficult. When I bought our first house I gutted it, re-wired, re-plumbed, re-built but the one skill I never mastered was plastering. Some 30 years later I have decided woodwork is like plastering. If you can do it then it looks easy. Paul from TLC does exactly that. He has been working on the interior and has replaced the water stained lockers, custom fitted the water maker panel and utilised space by creating removable access panels and shelves. Work has moved on to the galley where a major upgrade is in progress. This week end has seen the preparation for the replacement for the forward saloon windows that were refurbished with new seals etc. and the replacement of the speed paddle wheel sensor for an ultrasonic one. Apart from the advantage of no protruding parts to get caught in slings etc the freedom from constantly clearing the paddle wheel from crud and the low speed performance will I am sure be welcome. The electric davits are about to go back on so another job was cleaning all the bolts so they can be re-bedded with new sealant. With the new generator in the lazarette gaining access to the mountings will not be easy.