Do unto others

Week 57. More on the title later. Continuing on from last week the refit of the interior is constantly impressing me. Take a look at the photo on the right. I have no idea how this is achieved.  The construction of this corner marrying the old to the new is to me a work of art. The Galley was in need of a refurbishment and in the modern tradition, needed to be lightened. This meant replacing the stained water damaged teak caused by a leaking porthole, with a lighter brighter material. I didn't want it to look "white painted" so did some research and came up with a wonder material, although expensive it has so far proved to be the right choice. That material is ColoCore Formica. It is a version of formica that is self coloured and is incredibly tough. My shipright preferred the teak but each to his own! The ColoCore is a new material to him but he has adapted quickly and I know the result will be fantastic. So what have we done this week end? Well more cleaning of the lazarette now the generator and autopilot drive are installed and preparing for the plumbing of the washing machine. And so to the title. The Davits needed to be lifted and fitted to the deck. Heavy and complicated and more than a 2 man job. Some of the friends I lined up were unable to make it which left me short but others at short notice rallied round including brief acquaintances and the davits are on. So to Sunday. In the shed a fellow sailor needed his mast resprayed which clearly was a risk to the now pristine re-painted and re-decked Sephina. There was nothing for it but to help out and make sure both Sephina and the mast respray went off sucessfully. The title of this blog has done me well for the last 55 years and I know it will serve me well in the future.