Mast Head Camera

Week 58. It is time for some of the fun stuff. The idea of installing a camera at the top of the mast has resulted in much hilarity amongst my sailing friends, only surpassed by the washing machine. But both are becoming a reality. The forward heads are slowly being converted into the laundry room. Initially it would sacrifice the toilet in favour of the washing machine but it has become apparent as the plans have taken shape that there is space to have a macerating electric toilet as well as the 2nd bilge pump and washing machine. The joinery and fitting are a sight to behold and now it only remains to try and lift the washing machine into place during this week. I have installed the plumbing and fittings so all should be in place by my next report. Also this week has seen further progress on caulking the deck and finishing off the forward window replacement. The galley is also coming along and will soon be ready for photographs of before and after! And to the fun stuff. The Steel Fabricator was unable to install the water tank as planned but he did come up with the much needed masthead plate for mounting the Pan Tilt Zoom camera. Judicious drilling, cutting and filing has resulted in a solid fixing. The mast has been rewired and the multicore video and control cable has been threaded and ready for connection. Work is is also underway to refit the chart table navigation area with the Camera Pan Tilt Zoom Control. Due to the work on caulking the deck access was limited on the boat itself. This meant saturday was restricted to tidying up the shed. It turned out to be a job well done as a number of tools and fittings were discovered and put in their rightful place. Early sunday was taken up with wiring the generator battery to the house charger to ensure constant start power. So all in all a good week of progress.