Royal Welsh Yacht Club

Week 61. Well they must have lost the black balls as our membership was considered this week and it seems we are fit and proper to be members of one of the oldest yacht clubs in the UK. Its premises are in fact the oldest of any yacht club being in the west gate of Caernarfon Castle and built in 1284. One of the principle reasons is to have a UK yacht club to keep in contact with as we sail around the world. We visited last summer when we were on an Irish Sea cruise with North Wales Power and Sail on Altea. On that evening it was truly gorgeous weather and the club had a function on. Despite the place being crowded they couldn't have been more welcoming to a visiting yachtsman. They even made space on the fabulous balcony as we watched the sun set over Anglesey. The decision was made and we realised we could keep our Welsh roots here. On the boat this weekend we managed to tick more jobs off the list. More painting and cleaning also. I still keep thinking I will be able to take a photo of the completed deck but it seems it will be a little longer. I did put back the primary chain plates, upgraded with hex bolds instead of machine screws. The aft chain plates are having a stainless steel backing plate made as recommended by the surveyor. Other owners have mentioned this is a potential weak point but on removal the holes show no sign of stress or elongation. However, Sephina has had fairly light use so no harm in improving on them in case. Talking of other owners, I have had recent contact with 7 so there are another 27 out there somewhere!