Week 62. It's starting to get very rewarding as jobs become finished. Putting the final touches to a number of projects has revealed the true potential of the 18 months of work, the cold Saturdays are not so bad when there is a reward. The picture on the right shows the solid stainless steel deck switches for the windlass. The fussy bit comes from opening the lids of the switches and finding that they flop onto the teak deck behind with a loud bang. I have visions of indentations appearing in the deck! So a quick ebay search revealed some simple rubber stops. With a couple of A4 self tappers at the ready I set about fastening them so the lids would fall nicely. It's a good job TLC were in the shed as my plan to screw the self tappers into the teak was amateur. Barry explained this would potentially split the wood in time. The real way to do it was to drill the hole in the teak bigger than the shaft of the self tapper, then use a smaller drill in to the deck itself to take the screw. Also the hole needed to be filled with "Arbomast" to stop water ingress. A quick search for some longer A4 screws and work began. I can't say how nervous I was about drilling and screwing into the new deck! I made sure the area around was protected and if my screw driver slipped it was going to hit something else. I am pleased to report the job's a good'en. Also seen in the picture are the nice new stainless steel deck cleats dry fitted and if you look carefully you can see two pencil squares in the top left. Sephina's deck is littered with them. They mark the slight imperfections in the caulking. To be honest I can't even see what some of them mark. I thought I was fussy but I must have caught the bug!