Lights for Xmas

Teak Deck Oyster 406Week 64. I don't know what to say. I told the team I wanted "Lights for Xmas" for Sephina and they delivered. The teak deck is finished and the white LEDs inlaid into the wood.  I am so pleased with the result. It is beyond my wildest dream. The attention to detail is remarkable. Each day I think she is ready, new black patches appear as the quality control finds a new micro blemish. I don't think it is because I am getting fussy and posessive but the guys really do seem to care. I must thank Barry, Paul, Andrew and James for delivering a master piece. Paul who is the master teak joiner has had his skills recognised and in the New Year he is going to be working on one of the UK's Sailing legend's yachts. I will miss seeing the team but will be reminded every time I set foot on that deck, admire the galley and take the brick bats from my mates about the washing machine install, of the skills that they have lavished on Sephina. Thanks.

The LED lights in the deck have also been the subject of much scepticism but I am in no doubt that they are worth it. They add that touch of class that my restored 406 deserves. Carl from TLC had to burn the candle at both ends to get them done in time for Xmas and had to finally jury rig the last 3 so my wife and I can go to the shed and have a quite moment dreaming of what is to come. Happy Xmas to you all.