Where we started

Teak Deck Oyster 406Week 68. OK not literally! This whole saga started with leaking chain plates and for those of you who have read the site Sephina was a bargain because she had damage to the interior due to water ingress from the chain plates. After over a year in refit we are now getting to putting the final touches to the refitted plates and this involves making some stainless steel covers. For this I have fabricated some templates which can be seen in the photo on the right. Also this week end was the final cleaning of the cockpit and the installation of the new helm. We also started the process of taking all the things that have accumulate in the boat during its refit. I have lost count of the number of screwdrivers I have bought as a succession of them have disappeared. Needless to say I am now the proud owner of several sets! The hose to go from the deck filler to the fuel tank was a nightmare to get on and this weekend I had to do the opposite side for the water filler. Luckily access was far easier and I think this is the only job in over a year that has gone quicker than I expected. Lets hope this continues. ABC from Beaumaris are now on the boat to replace the cutlass bearing, stern tube packing gland and service the engine. The final two contractors needed before launch are Dickies to upgrade the gas system and service the aft heads and The Boat Shed to replace the interior cushions. Carl from TLC continues on the electrics and his neat working and speed is filling me with confidence that Sephina will be fit for purpose. This week he has been working on the AV and I am designing the systems for when we can afford them! It is tempting to wait until the last minute to fit these systems as technology moves so fast but I am pretty sure we won't need 3D TVs with the view we will be expecting as we cruise around. Sunday update. Managed to get a few more hours on Sunday and jobs ticked off include pluming the galley sink, finishing the swim ladder refitting and completing of the refitting and refurbishment of the second electric bilge. I once had a mini cooper rally car and and we were always working on her the night before the rally. I am determined that this will not be the case with Sephina's launch but who knows. Time will tell.