Wash out

Teak Deck Oyster 406Week 70. Wash out on two fronts. Those who follow this blog might have noticed there was no Week 69. Flu washed out the week end and staying in bed was the best option. This week end the wash out is what we had to do to the aft heads! I don't even want to think about it but it appears the pump has been leaking for some time. I removed the hose and it was not sanitary grade. I am going to try the butyl sanitation hose from ASAP as reviews say it is easier to bend and fit. Pricey but if it saves time then I am all for it. Also fitted in the photo on the left is the cleaned and renovated swim ladder. At least the stern looks complete. Despite last week ends inactivity on our part a number of contractors have been working on Sephina. First off ABC from Beaumaris have removed the cutlass bearing and the stern tube bearing. The inner bearing was clearly worn and off centre. This was caused by engine misalignment and they have corrected that as well. A new stern gland has been fitted and the packing gland repacked. It all looks good and now they move on to servicing the engine. Dickies of Bangor have also been on to certify the gas system. It turns out it will pass, as is, but a strong recommendation to fit a pilot gas system to detect and shut off the gas was recommended. As I have seen an "exploded boat" in TLC's shed I am going to take the advice. Carl has also been continuing with the electrics and this week installed a cockpit camera so I can see the helm from the nav station. My wife thinks this is a bit big brother. I agree.

My brother joined me again this week end end so we did a Sunday stint. As we had mastered the inserting of the main saloon window last time we tackled the starboard one this time. It was fitted in less than half the time of the first as experience is everything. Apart from the chain plates Sephina is now watertight. Over the last two weeks I have been prototyping the entertainment system. This involves integrating a Mac and the video and audio sources together. The cameras on the mast and in the cockpit are not only routed to the E120 but also the the domestic TV system. Carl has been preparing the wiring for a couple of weeks and we had the fun part today of connecting it all up. First we mounted the saloon TV. It worked a dream. Next we started on the aft cabin TV but the thin VESA mount on a thin LED TV meant that it would be so flat to the wall that the mains and HDMI cables would not fit. Nothing for it but to get some special connections but also a VESA mount with more depth. And so the the fun part. We watched Elbow on Later with Jules on our new HD TV in my own yacht. Bliss. Next to watch it in the middle of the Atlantic. The dream is getting nearer.