More entertainment

Teak Deck Oyster 406Week 71. More work this week end on the entertainment systems. After last weeks saloon TV install, the aft cabin was the scene of another Samsung LED TV. The Mac mini driving the system has HDMI output so this was split to drive both TVs. They also have composite video input for the mast head and cockpit cameras. On the aft cabin TV the only input for analogue video is via a SCART. As the TV is so slim and the VESA mount so thin there is not enough room to get any connector in the back. I'm going to have to make a SCART connector myself and angle the video lead at 90 degrees to make it fit. My wife has been doing the usual sterling duty of bilge cleaning in the aft shower room and toilet. They are now spotless and tomorrow I am going to service the two seacocks in preparation for the new pipework to be fitted. The henderson Mark 5 pump was serviced during the week with a new service kit. Also this week ABC have finished the stern gland and cutlass bearing and replaced the prop with refurbished rope cutter. Next week they are onto the fuel system.