Security and another 406

Teak Deck Oyster 406 Week 72. The mind is now focused as Sephina goes out of the shed in about 6 weeks. So a few evenings as well as weekends might be called for. This week it was two evenings and Saturday and Sunday. The list of completed jobs continues to grow but as jobs are completed other jobs arise. As the water tank was filled now all the plumbing is done firstly water started to leak from the new tank inspection hatch, secondly as the water pump was started leaks sprang from the new accumulator and the aft heads sink. The water pump went significantly over pressure and did not switch off. This may have been the cause of the leaks. As this is about the only part of the boat systems I have not replaced then it is off to the chandlers to modernise this system. The AquaJet Flow Master enables smooth water flow without the need for an accumulator. I should have fitted this a while ago and it would have saved replacing the accumulator. Small jobs completed include genoa track end stops, aft heads toilet pipe work, cctv install and beefing up the hatch security with a stainless steel bar. My brother helped again on Saturday and it is sure easier when you have another engineer around. The picture on the right shows the beginning of fitting the new organisers, yet another upgrade. As usual it was not as straight forward as expected and another case of not having the right length of A4 machine screws. I must have over 1000 machine screws but not the 10 I needed. Thank goodness for the Internet. The CCTV system is now ready for when Sephina is in the big world outside. It works on mains and 12 volts and records onto SD cards for both masthead and cockpit cameras. I tested it out and I will be able to have many days recorded on the 32Gig cards and as the system is motion sensitive it might stretch to weeks!. Also this week I met some prospective purchasers of another Oyster 406. We have been corresponding for several months and they have been through trials and tribulations finding the right boat but fingers crossed they might be near the finishing post. There will be no update next week as we are off to visit our youngest who is half way through her commercial yacht master course. She better not start to tell me what to do when we are sailing. There is only room for one skipper. Just hope it’s me!