Teak Deck Oyster 406

Week 73. It's all starting to get a bit real and I seem to be the only one panicing! There are still lots of contractors on the boat and this coming week they will all be on at the same time despite the activity going on for months! I've booked the week off and was hoping to get a lot of my jobs done but I think I will help to do some of the contractor jobs. This week end my brother helped out enormously as we are still trying to get the water system leak free. The discovery last week of the leaking tap assembly in the aft heads proved to be beyond repair. A trip the B&Q resulted in another unforeseen expenditure but an improvement in the aesthetics. The replacement main domestic water pump has proved to be not as simple as thought. It is 50psi which will give us a good flow rate but this soon blew the calorifier safety cap! I can't seem to find a replacement one with that high a pressure so have found a 35psi one and bought a pressure reducer for the cold water feed which should do the trick. The high pressure has also found a few leaks signaled by the pump cycling every 5 minutes. So far I have traced two and will fix these tomorrow.