Progress and Washing Machine

Teak Deck Oyster 406

Week 74. The list of jobs has rapidly declined and a number of major jobs have been completed. Firstly humble pie. Last weekend I blogged that I was fearful that there would be slow progress on contractor jobs and my week would not be that productive. I should not have paniced as I was truly amazed by the progress. Completed this week have been the following. Anchor Locker, Lazerette, Washing Machine, Navigation station revamp, Mast Head CCTV, Sink drain pump, Fuel system upgrade, Grab rails and Life raft cradle. Barry and his team did more in a day and a half than I could do in a week. The grab rails are beautiful and custom made by JP Engineering. They also welded mountings for the liferaft cradle on the pushpit. Back to the bilges has also been a theme this weekend. The fresh water system has been upgraded and a new pump installed. However this pump delivers 3.5 bar or 50psi and when it was switched on leaks appeared everywhere! I had no idea that most boat systems are just over 1 bar. The calorifier was the first to signal stress as the pressure relief valve is rated at 20psi so quickly blew and deposited water in the bilge. Other joints gave up the ghost. There was no obvious solution as the maximum pressure relief valve I could find was 30PSI. A quick Internet search revealed an inline pressure-reducing valve that can be set to any pressure from 1 to 10 bar. I installed it before the calorifier and it works a treat reducing the pressure in the hot water system and stopping the leak. Next the cold water system required replacing some plastic connectors with copper ones and I am pretty sure there are no more leaks but a very good flow rate now comes from the aft heads shower. As the water system is now fully operational and the washing machine installed there was nothing for it but to turn the machine on. Yes mass excitement and the very first wash was completed. Result. My wife has gone back to basics and started finding little nooks and crannies that have not been painted. They are now!

Also very importantly we now have date for coming out of the shed and the launch which will be the 10th of May just in time for us to shake down and prepare for a two week cruise in company to Ireland. And no Sharon this is not the start of the circumnavigation. With the washing machine at least now we will arrive with clean clothes!