Teak Deck Oyster 406

Week 76. Sephina is starting to get the finishing touches and the list grows smaller. This week was programmed for The Boatshed to do the cushions, seats and beds. The first fit of the new upholstery took place on Friday and they are hoping to complete by the end of this week. It will lift the project. Also finished this week is the rearrangement of the chart table. Carl from TLC electronics has done a fine job. The new panel is perfect and added are the remote controls for the mast head camera, video input for the cameras to the E120, extra circuits for the deck lighting, inverter, CCTV system and deck wash pump. The panel is photographed on the right. The appearance of Reeds 2012 shows we are serious about completing this! This weekend saw much cleaning but also as seems to be the story of boat ownership another problem identified. I replaced the water heater switch and found that the water was not getting hot. On closer inspection the element in the clarifier tank under the bed in the aft cabin was not working and it appears as if it has been inoperative for some time. The electrical contacts were rusted and water seems to have been leaking onto it. Nothing for it but to remove the tank as it was not possible to get the element out with it in situ. In fact it was not possible to get the element out at all. Much force and heat failed to free the element. So the tank is off to JP Engineering for some serious heat. A new element is also not straight forward. Most domestic ones are 3kW which is fine when on shore power but if using the generator it is a bit too power hungry. So boat ones are 1kW. Domestic elements are £10 and boat ones for less power are £50. The story of the marine markup. And so to the 'missing'.  After Paul did the biggest jigsaw puzzle reassembling the cupboards, shelves and overheads, one overhead was missing and one surplus shelf was left over. We still can't find the position for the shelf but when Stephen from The Boatshed read the Blogg last week he realised he had the missing piece. I gave it to him to match the material over a year ago! I'm not telling Paul as we have searched high and low for it. I will put it back quietly one night!