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Teak Deck Oyster 406

Week 77. No visible progress on the upholstry but I'm hoping it is all happening off site. Time is running out. Boats in the shed and the yard are preparing for departure this week so there is much activity. On Sephina it has been cleaning again. Also in recognition of the huge advice I have received from both Practical Boat Owner's Forum and Barry from TLC I have mounted a plaque to recognise the help and advice so warmly welcomed. A bit of disappointment this week has been the saloon steps re-varnishing. I tried adding non slip additive as per the recommended mixture but it looked a complete mess. The varnish had grey lumps when dry. There was nothing for it but to sand it all off again. So another few nights needed to re-varnish again to build up suitable coats. I will try a test patch with a much smaller amount of anti-slip to see if it will work at all. The shed also smells of Sheep! Last week my friend and I "painted" the prop and shaft with PropShield. This involves heating up a wax like substance with hot water and then attempting to spread it on a cold propeller. It goes lumpy. So the propeller also needs to be heated. After some trial and error it all seemed to work but the aroma was pretty disgusting. It turns out that PropShield is from sheep wool and is mainly lanolin. Boy does it smell and even a week later as the shed gets warm there is the odd whiff. At least it will be under the water soon! The final jobs are being started and some have been on the list for some time. It's time to pay attention to the mast and dress it ready to transport over to the marina. As it was stripped down some 20 months ago I hope I can find all the bits. Talking of bits it is also time to clear out the shed. Lots of items have been replaced and at some point a decision needs to be made as to what is scrap, what can be reused and what needs to be sold. I not very good at the "selling" thing but I have had an offer of help. It will be accepted!