Change of gear and friends..

Teak Deck Oyster 406

Week 81. Suddenly things have changed. Not only am I not the most qualified sailor in the family, now I am not directing activities. Today Barry and I were scrubbing and cleaning the deck and the girls were servicing winches. A year ago my youngest would come along to the shed and sit bored, clean and wait for the time we were going home. After her Commercial Yachtmaster training at UKSA she turned up and took my winches apart. I just had to watch as I had no idea what she was doing. Even my wife was infected and became enthused. Her cleaning gene aligned with the technical gene produced an awesome combination.
The middle of the week had been stressful as my assumption that the mast would travel over to the marina with the boat was suddenly shattered. The boat left and the mast remained. It turns out that at 60 foot it is too long for the team in Conwy Marina to transport. This is when you need friends. The one thing that has been a joy over the last 20 months has been meeting the team at TLC. When the chips are down they exude confidence. "We will get it there don't worry".  Firstly Barry arranged for a transport company to move it but when they turned up they also realised it was a bit big! They would do it but were just not sure it was going to be OK. Discretion the better part of valour we had a rethink. Carl the engineer from TLC returned from his holiday and called in a few favours. Buckley's, who craned Sephina into the yard over a year ago, turned up within 24 hours with the coolest most competent driver you have ever seen. I think the girls fancied him as they asked to be passengers in the cab as Barry and I drove the support vehicle. The mast was lifted and bent to an unbelievable curve and even Barry was wincing. The over hang seen in the pictures was scary. The mast duly arrived in Conwy Marina and Barry was keen to go back to Sephina and finish off the last touches to the deck. It was at that point I suddenly realised how dependant I had become on what have now become true friends. It was like your crutch and confidence suddenly being taken away. I needed Barry to give me confidence that it would all be OK in the end. I shouldn't have worried as Buckley's were fantastically professional and dropped the mast on a sixpence. Thanks to Buckley's, Barry and Carl, we are now nearer to the water. Joy.