I will live aboard, the clock is ticking

This is the title of a Practical Boat Owner forum post that has the most hits. The reality is now this applies to me. This week I handed in my notice at work after 33 years working for the NHS in N.Wales. My wife has also given her notice and we set sail on the 7th July to go around the world. Scary or what. The engine refit continues as we try and get to the bottom of will it or won't it fit. Carl from TLC is getting on with stripping out redundant engine wiring and Ron is clearing up the engine bay and extending the size of the access panel in the aft heads to make it easier to get to the starboard side of the engine. It has been fun tracking the ARC fleet cross the atlantic this year and boy have they had a bit of a battering. Lets hope 2013 ARC will be the one they can use in the brochures of the future! My wife was on her Ships Medical Course with Bardeau and we visited the yacht in Gran Canaria before the start of ARC 2012. It has been fun reading his posts and getting a flavour of an Atlantic Crossing. I have now identified 14 Oyster 406 owners and have regular email correspondance with them. It has been really helpful for owners to read of other owners views on such things as Teak Deck replacement, Holding Tanks, Props, engine replacement and general issues as our girls get older. There were 36 built in total so still a few to go.