London Boat Show

I have read a lot of criticism of the London Boat Show since it moved from Earls Court and I can understand that it has certainly lost its charm. For what we needed however it was a great two days out. We stayed in the Customs House Hotel which was pleasant enough. On the first day I visited the entire show to get my bearings and met up with a fellow 406 owner which was a great joy. Made even more pleasant by the use of the Oyster Owners' Lounge. One of the added benefits of Oyster ownership is access to Oyster's fantastic after-sales service which includes lifetime access to the lounge. You feel a million dollars breezing past the queues to go on new Oysters then onto the lounge. I took a couple of friends for the experience. On the first day I bought the following.- An Ampair 100W towed generator, JonBouy with auto launch and personal AIS, Fortress FX-37 anchor, anchor buddy and in a weak moment I was persuaded by my wife to replace the perfectly functioning cooker with a new one! My wife also splashed out on new cutlery, plates, glasses and a kettle! On the Friday night we were invited to the Rival Owners' dinner at the India Club in central London. For the second day of the show there was more browsing and I had an informative time at the BlueWaterSupplies stand looking at security, anchor bouys, medical supplies and emergency equipment. Another visit for more champagne to the Oyster Owners' lounge and I was lucky to spot yet another 406 owner and his wife which was delightful. I also took a friend and colleague onto the stand for the experience of Oyster ownership. We then attended the World Cruising seminar which was very helpful hearing from other owners about their first hand experience of world cursing. My meticulous attention to safety was moderated somewhat by one of the panel saying that in the entire history of the ARC no yacht had deployed a drogue! Since returning I have commissioned a new main sheet system, blue water Bimini, new storm sails and have had the new white sails further strengthened with additional UV protection. News of the engine replacement hangs in the balance and there will be more news to come!