All Fired up

Oyster 406The great day came and we were ready to test the engine. I must admit I had a sleepless night. I arrived on Friday 5th April and busied myself with jobs as Ron the Engineer was putting last minute touches to the instal. We went to retrieve the engine control panel from the workshop where it was being used to check the new fibreglass surround that the panel will be fitted into. On the return to the boat the panel was connect up and a hose quickly appeared to supply the raw water pump. The time had arrived and Ron switched the panel on and it lit up like a christmas tree and after 3 seconds all the alarms sounded. The good news was it came to life. The bad news was we couldn't switch it off. The last resort was to look at the manual but it just re-affimed that you press the power switch to turn on and again to turn off. Alarms blazing there was nothing for it but to turn off the battery supply. Was something wired up incorrectly, was the panel faulty, a quick phone call to Yanmar and all was revealed. You hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it off. It definately doesn't say that. So now we know the panel works so we readied ourselves for the first test. Ron's finger hovered over the start button (it is a keyless system) and pressed it. To my amazement and a bit to Ron's it fired first time. A sweet noise and much quieter than the Perkins. A very good day in the life of the Sephina refit. Thanks to all at ABC and Ron in particular. To watch our surprised faces on video click here