End of an Era

April 2013. My last day at work has signalled a change in gear for the trip. I am quite good a boxing issues but there were a few moments that were difficult. The last turn of the key in my office, a few goodbyes and cancelling my professional registration. It hasn't hit me yet that I don't have to go to work on Monday as it seems like a holiday, perhaps after 2 weeks it will become real. On the boat a number of things have happened. The Storm sails supplied by The BoatShed have been rigged by Steve from PD Riggers. They look smart but I hope I never have to use them. The inner forestay is finished with its new deck fitting and leaver. The GRP pod for the new engine control panel was Sika'ed into place. The new tele-pole for polling out the jib.  The waste tank level gauge fitted in the forward heads and finally the new wire jackstays. On our list for a while has been what to do with the saloon windows. We hate the curtains seen on older boats and the forward opening windows present a particular problem for blinds with their sticky out bits! We have talked to OceanAir who have failed to come up to have a look despite their promises. So back to our local trusty companies and the BoatShed has come up trumps again. They have found BreezeBlinds who came up all the way from the south and have measured, advised and will return in May to fit blinds all round. They have fitted out a number of Southerlys I am hoping my retirement will give me a chance to start doing the small jobs so often overlooked as time runs out at the week ends. Ron the engineer is eager to finish the install and we are waiting for the sound installation to arrive. It will be good fun not going to work and working with Ron over the next few days. Planning is also going ahead for when Sephina arrives in Deganwy. Barry from TLC needs to finish some jobs and Carl needs to move on for a fortnight to finalise the system installs. On the domestic front the house has started to be packed up and storage arranged. Not being a very good ebayer, we have thrown away many items that we think are worthless. Lets hope they were.