Liking retirement

Time seems to have speeded up since I retired.

I had a crazy pirate themed leaving party and a mottley crew took over one of the local pubs dressed as pirates. Fortunately it was on a friday so we all had the weekend to recover!

My last day was the following Tuesday when I finished at lunch time, drove my beloved Honda S2000 to our garage and handed over the keys.(Tears at this point.) I then went to my hairdresser, had a really short haircut and from there we went straight to Manchester airport for a much needed week in Rhodes to contemplate what we'd done.

Fabulous holiday and Clive and I had permanent smiles on our faces as we thought about the future.

The difference with retirement is that all the days seem the same, ie the weekends aren't special anymore. We haven't got into any routine other than getting up and going to work on the boat. We find it better to travel separately and then I can do some house packing before i go. Most of the house is now packed up and in storage so if anyone pops around for a coffee we have a problem as there are only 2 cups!

The boat is suddenly beginning to feel like a home again. There's been a lot of activity in the last few weeks. We've had the riggers on for a couple of days and Karl spent a couple of weeks doing the electrics, so the roof panels have been off and wires trailing everywhere. Paul built a cupboard in the laundry room and some shelves in the saloon so I've been painting and varnishing those. We made a late decision to have all the flooring replaced and so we're half way through that.

Our bedroom is finished so I had the fun of going round Chester with my eldest (heavily pregnant) daughter looking for suitable bedding. I caused chaos in John Lewis's and bought a pile of bedding only to go back and change it all the next day. Embarrassingly the woman on the till remembered me.  My daughter is only a week off giving birth and taking her shopping has great advantages such as crossing roads, finding a seat somewhere etc etc. The only disadvantage is that she now waddles so slows me down but that's kind of cute. I'm looking forward to the birth as I know my daughter has had enough now and it can't happen soon enough for her.

The cats are all ready for their adventure and I collect their passports from the vet next week when they go in for a dental clean and check up. Their final vaccination will be done in Deganwy on 16th July as we'll be living on the boat then.

As I'm no longer working I don't have a paper diary and so days and weeks are just flying by unnoticed. Also I'm not used to physical work so I'm developing muscles I didn't know that I had. All in all I can't recommend retirement highly enough though.