Posh bedding

I know I've only just updated my news but there's some rather shocking news that needs to be shared!

You may remember in my last entry that I mentioned that I'd bought bedding from John Lewis's only to take it back the next day for a refund and purchase some more. Anyway, after a few days I started to wonder why it had cost so much and as I'd thrown out the receipt I decided to go back armed with a bank statement (and still heavily pregnant daughter) to find out what had happened to my refund.

The lady on Customer Services was extremely helpful and went off to track down a breakdown of the £190 transaction while we did a bit of controlled browsing. On her return she confirmed that this amount did indeed include the full refund of £86. I was still perplexed as by my reckoning I was about £80 out, taking into account the additional purchase of 2 very fine bedspreads. We looked at the itemised statement and I queried a couple of £35 entries. Intriguing!! I was suitably confused so we went with the nice lady to a till to look up the items.  Well...........(and full blame goes to Clive for this one), silk pillowcases!!!!!!!!    £35 EACH, not even for a pair. He hates dawdling when shopping so just grabbed them and put them in my basket. Nice one Clive!  On getting this ludicrous explanation I think I may have sworn and laughed at the same time.  The Customer Services lady was quick to point out that they'd be very comfortable and soft on our faces and we wouldn't have as many wrinkles when we woke up! Marvellous! After months of sailing in the tropics I look forward to checking that one out.